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"For children to lead healthy, sustainably successful lives, they must be equipped with constructive coping skills." - Ivy Child Founder, Rose Pavlov


Ivy Child Pre-School Students

Ivy Child International

Ivy Child International (Ivy Child) is a non-profit organization providing cross-cultural health education and psychological services for children, families, and communities worldwide.

Ivy Child was established in 2011 and is a registered 501 (c)(3) organization in Massachusetts. We are a leading resource for caregivers, campuses, community agencies, and healthcare organizations to receive guidance and instruction on creating a mindful and healthy child-centered environment. Find out more about our Mindfulness-Based Learning ™ (MBL) programs and cross-cultural Positive Psychology approach.

Our MBL education programs, MBL professional development training workshops, and research-based curriculum are customized to the diverse populations we serve. Download our About Us statement (PDF) and CONTACT US for more info or to host a training, curriculum, or talk at your organization.