Vision, Mission, Values

I Am An Ivy Child

I Am An Ivy Child

Our Vision

To develop children into mindful leaders who will engage responsibly and impact global social change, creating a culture of peace.

Our Mission – “Helping Each Child Achieve Their Best”

Ivy Child International enhances the social and emotional well-being of children by recognizing their multicultural needs, using mindful education and positive psychology as a uniting force to inspire resilience and leadership.

Our Values in Action

CHILDREN FIRST: We help children and youth recognize and enhance their unique strengths and abilities.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: We encourage and enable families and communities to participate in the growth of their children.

CREATIVE LEADERSHIP: We aspire to be pioneers on a journey toward personal growth, enabling positive change in our communities through service learning.

DIVERSITY: We broaden and build relationships and enhance awareness through an array of cultures, backgrounds and abilities.

EVIDENCE-BASED: We translate academic research into practical solutions, providing hands-on services to children, families and communities.

HEALTHY HABITS (Self-Care): We believe that achieving sustainable impact in the communities we serve begins with our own self-care. In order to nourish a balanced mind and body, we identify personal strengths and integrate practical exercises into our daily routines.

PERSONAL MOTIVATION: We model the ability to make conscious, positive life choices in order to persevere and achieve meaningful happiness.

SERVICE EXCELLENCE: We provide reliable and evidence-based services, tailored to individual needs in diverse settings. We foster an inclusive environment of growth and learning to benefit children, families, and the community as a whole.

STEWARDSHIP: We practice conscientious stewardship of our fiscal resources and all other assets, to build a sustainable organization that remains committed to optimizing health in children, families, and communities. We ensure that our choices and actions are consistent with our values and mission.

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