Yoga and Mindfulness

*Named in honor of baby Gabriel Valentine Felix*

Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga and Mindfulness

Ivy Child kids practicing Child pose


The yoga component focuses on fostering the joy of movement and togetherness, enhancing imagination and empathy, and cultivating self awareness. This curriculum honors both state and national health and physical education standards and is designed to serve kids, youth (Pre-school through Grade 12) and caregivers in schools, hospitals and community sites in Massachusetts and beyond.


Lotus Flower Art

Lotus Flower Art

Multicultural Art

The multicultural art component provides participants with the opportunity to explore and discover their creativity. Through themed-classes, participants have the opportunity to learn diverse art styles using various art mediums. Ivy Child is pleased to partner with mindful art instructor, Jen Swan, for our Claremont Academy program and community programs.


Multicultural Instruments

Music Education

Mindfulness Through Music

The music component instills appreciation for and understanding of notable instruments, vocal styles, and popular compositions from different regions across the globe.

To host a Yoga & Mindfulness Program at your organization/school, contact for more information. Individual and group classes or events are available by request.


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Ivy Child kids practicing Sunbird pose

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