After I graduated with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, I started working with children with and without disabilities in positions such as mentor and behavior technician. I find tremendous joy in shaping an individual’s life, promoting spaces to support diverse identities and improving self-potential in different environments. During my time as a volunteer at Ivy Child, I looked at multiple survey results indicating that the offered programs shifted everyone’s perspective on mindfulness and positively affect various aspects of almost every participants lives. I joined Ivy Child to reach to a broader audience to help others discover their strengths and lead stress-free lives. 

Hometown: Worcester, MA

Why are you making this commitment to Ivy Child? When you make well-being a top priority, success, rewards and happiness follow and the programs at Ivy Child allow people to better themselves.

I practice mindfulness through: Taking short walks. When I pay attention to my surroundings, rather than my mind, my body and breath take control over me.