Ivy Child International has developed a sacred circle anchored in trust and psychological safety that promotes access and opportunities for the Asian community as a pilot initiative.


  • Develop, deepen and strengthen a circle of Asians to help collectively uplift our ancestral culture, heritage, contemplative practice, and values.
  • Develop a collaborative voice through joint action and purpose in the following ways:
    • Through various programs and activities, such as Deep Discussion Convening, and Healing Retreats, we focus on combating efforts that limit and marginalize Asian communities by promoting diversity and inclusion efforts that advance equity and inclusion in all realms of life. Ivy Child recognizes that the road to just treatment for all, particularly for other communities of color, is intertwined with justice for black lives. We acknowledge the role that systemic racism plays in perpetuating disparities in almost all areas of our society, and hence all our efforts prioritize combating this. We believe in trans­form­ing insti­tu­tions while lever­ag­ing incre­men­tal change as a means to shift con­di­tions and pow­er. Furthermore, we engage with individuals across the lifespan with a belief that positive change can be achieved when engage­ment and lead­er­ship val­ues are aligned with peo­ple of all ages, generations, and expe­ri­ences.
  • Supporting and strengthening the Asian com­mu­ni­ty with shared val­ues that uplift all peo­ple of col­or, and will cross lines of race, caste, gen­der, sex­u­al­i­ty, and reli­gion to abol­ish sys­tems of oppres­sion and achieve col­lec­tive lib­er­a­tion and healing.
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