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Enhancing Collective Well-being Through Mindfulness At Work 

The foundation of our workforce training and development programs is increasing psychological safety.  Matters of diversity and inclusion can be emotionally charging and exhausting. It is essential to establish a culture that encourages candor, permission to feel, honest disclosure, models inclusion through Ivy Child’s CARE framework (Curiosity, Authenticity, Respect, Exercises Perspective Taking), and commitment to creating circles of psychological safety through the FLEX framework (Focus within, Learn about others, Engage in dialogue, eXpand Options.) This boosts well-being, stress management, improves morale, engagement and productivity. 

According to the Harvard Business Review, 79% of employees support the notion that wellness programs created a positive impact on them. Wellness programs are integral to developing  mindfulness and health within every organization.

Ivy Child’s Leadership Learning programs are offered to organizations seeking to create a healthy, harmonious, productive and innovative work environment that has a history of advancing equity. It helps all staff develop and strengthen their practice and integrate mindfulness into their daily life and work. Ivy Child’s series of Training and Development sessions are designed to introduce and strengthen mindfulness strategies that foster a community of practice that sustains and expands the mindfulness environment across the organization.  The program combines an array of mindfulness activities: such as breathing exercises, guided meditation, movement, recovery, reflections,  interactive experiences, such as group discussion and action planning.


  • Improve social and emotional well-being 
  • Improve coping strategies 
  • Multiply safe spaces 
  • Prevent burnout
  • Enhance engagement and innovation 

Population Served

Health and Human Service Professionals across multiple disciplines. 


  • Improved self-regulation and emotional intelligence
  • Increase in awareness 
  • Improved self-regulation
  • Improved decision-making skills 
  • Increase in engagement 
  • Reduction of Stress
  • Boost in innovation and productivity 
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