• AUTHENTIC COMMITMENT: We seek and commit to sincere collaboration from our partners who put our collective community first.
  • CARE AND RESPECT: We honor the inherent dignity of all people, and foster the conditions for psychological safety and mutual respect. 
  • DEEP-ROOTED COMMUNITY RELATIONSHIPS: We believe that trust is the bedrock for inspiring and sustaining meaningful collaboration. We fully devote ourselves to build and nourish our partnerships. 
  • INTERSECTIONAL EQUITY: We see, understand and value the unique identities of all individuals and communities that we partner with and serve. 
  • CO-CREATION: We believe that one can lead from any chair, and that all voices are honored and embraced. 
  • EVIDENCE BASED: We translate academic research into practical solutions, while strengthening research to be more inclusive of our communities.


To cultivate resilience and leadership in children, youth, families and communities through universal mindfulness education, prioritizing often overlooked populations.


Mindful leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences are honored, valued and equipped to lead organizations, communities, and systems that are joyful, healthy, and inclusive.

Ivy ChildOur Values, Mission & Vision