This report highlights key achievements, community impact,
inclusivity efforts, and the dedication of our supporters.



Ivy Child integrates the community through ongoing collaboration and cocreation. Our reciprocal teaching and learning from the community allow for innovation and customization for all our programs.


lvy Child International celebrates a transformative year dedicated to fostering mindfulness, resilience, and well-being in children and communities globally. We aim to cultivate compassionate, informed, and engaged individuals who are equipped to navigate the complexities of the world. Our programs prioritize often overlooked populations, emphasizing an ecological approach that addresses the impact of individuals, interpersonal relationships, community, policy, and system transformation. Over the past year, Ivy Child has made significant strides in fostering resilience and leadership among diverse communities.
Our vision is to bridge the gap in health services for communities of color, creating a culture that promotes wellness. By serving the underserved, with a special focus on multicultural populations, we believe our children and families when provided appropriate support can be agents of change and cultivated to be health models.



To cultivate resilience and leadership in children, youth, families, and communities through universal mindfulness education, prioritizing often overlooked populations.



Mindful leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences are honored, valued and equipped to lead organizations, communities, and systems that are joyful, healthy, and inclusive.


AUTHENTIC COMMITMENT: We seek and commit to sincere collaboration from our partners who put our collective community first.
CARE AND RESPECT: We honor the inherent dignity of all people, and foster the conditions for psychological safety and mutual respect.
DEEP-ROOTED COMMUNITY RELATIONSHIPS: We believe that trust is the bedrock for inspiring and sustaining meaningful collaboration. We fully devote ourselves to building and nourishing our partnerships.
INTERSECTIONAL EQUITY: We see, understand, and value the unique identities of all individuals and communities we partner with and serve.
CO-CREATION: We believe that one can lead from any chair and that all voices are honored and embraced.
EVIDENCE-BASED: We translate academic research into practical solutions while strengthening research to be more inclusive of our communities.


Ivy Child International has successfully implemented mindfulness programs in 370 schools and community centers worldwide, impacting the lives of over 309,253 children and their families.
Our diverse curriculum, encompassing mindfulness practices, emotional intelligence development, and creative expression, has received positive feedback, demonstrating its effectiveness in nurturing holistic development.
This comprehensive curriculum addresses the developmental stages of children, provides tools for youth navigating challenges, and offers mindfulness practices for adults seeking holistic well-being.
Collaborations with educators, mental health professionals, and community leaders have expanded the reach of Ivy Child International’s programs, fostering a network committed to enhancing the well-being of future generations.


Through our mindfulness initiatives, we’ve witnessed a notable improvement in the emotional resilience and focus of children, youth and adult, leading to a positive ripple effect within families and communities.By extending our programs to entire communities, Ivy Child International has become a catalyst for resilience, fostering mental well-being and creating a ripple effect that resonates beyond individual participants.
Parental engagement in Ivy Child International’s programs has strengthened family bonds and facilitated open communication, creating a supportive environment for children’s growth and development.
Regular surveys and assessments demonstrate a significant reduction in stress and anxiety levels among participating children, showcasing the tangible impact of mindfulness education on mental well-being


Our mindfulness programs are designed with cultural sensitivity in mind, ensuring that individuals from diverse backgrounds feel seen, heard, and included.
Outreach initiatives have focused on underserved communities, breaking down barriers to access mindfulness resources and making well-being practices available to all.
Ongoing partnerships with organizations promoting diversity and inclusion underscore our commitment to creating programs that resonate with the unique needs of all individuals, regardless of their cultural or socio-economic backgrounds.


A demographic analysis reveals a wide representation of participants from various socio-economic backgrounds and cultural contexts, emphasizing Ivy Child International’s commitment to inclusivity.
Ongoing efforts are directed toward understanding and addressing the unique needs of different demographics, ensuring that programs remain responsive to the ever evolving landscape of community well-being.


Ivy Child International extends heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated team, partners, volunteers, and supporters who have played a pivotal role in our success over the past year. Your commitment to fostering mindfulness and well-being across generations is the driving force behind Ivy Child International’s transformative impact.
As Ivy Child International looks forward to the coming year, we remain steadfast in our mission to empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds with the tools they need to thrive emotionally, socially, and mentally. Together, we aspire to create a world where mindfulness and well-being are accessible to everyone, fostering resilient and compassionate communities worldwide.



Mindfulness Adoption Rate:


Of program participants have incorporated mindfulness practices into their daily lives, fostering emotional well-being and resilience.

Of our program participants were likely to use mindfulness again

Cultivating Digital Well-Being:


Of graduates from Ivy Child programs have embraced technology to enhance their mindfulness journey, accessing digital resources for continued growth.

Enhancing Social-Emotional Learning:


Of educators report a noticeable improvement in students' social-emotional skills after participating in Ivy Child's mindfulness programs.

Of our program participants reported an increase in social-emotional awareness

Positive Impact on Academic Performance:


Of students engaged in mindfulness programs exhibit improved academic performance and increased engagement in their learning environment.



Of our entire Leadership Team, Board, and Staff are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), reflecting our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.



Of our program participants reported that they are likely or very likely to recommend us to someone in their network

Addressing Unconscious Bias:


Of Individuals who went through our program are more willing and open to address their unconscious implicit bias as they have experienced firsthand the importance of being the change they envision.

Mindful Action Steps:


Commitment to daily Mindful Action Steps to advance social justice

Overall Program Benefit:


Reported a reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression



At Ivy Child, we believe in the power of connection and collaboration to foster well-being and resilience. We invite you to join our community if:

01. For School Leaders:

You’re a school leader passionate about nurturing resilience in your staff and students through mindfulness. Explore how introducing mindfulness to your school can create a positive and thriving educational environment.

02. For Teachers:

As a teacher, if you’re eager to embark on your mindfulness journey or discover how to integrate mindfulness into your classroom, we’re here to support you. Let’s explore the transformative impact of mindfulness on both you and your students

03. For Organizations:

If your organization is committed to prioritizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies, we offer tailored programs to bring mindfulness and well-being practices to your workplace. Let’s work together to create a culture of equity and belonging.

04. For Students:

Students, if you’re curious about mindfulness and want to share materials with your teachers or explore how mindfulness could positively influence your school experience, we’re here to listen. Let’s embark on this mindfulness journey together.

05. For Parents and Caregivers:

If you work with or care for children and young people and want to explore mindfulness in your unique context, we’re ready to collaborate. Let’s discover how mindfulness can enhance well-being in various settings.

06. For Libraries:

We usually partner with libraries to run mindfulness programs open to the public. If your library is interested in offering mindfulness sessions that benefit the community, let’s explore how we can collaborate to create inclusive and accessible well-being programs.

07. For Supporters and Donors:

Whether you’d like to make a donation or support our charity in other meaningful ways, your contribution helps us continue our mission. Join us in creating a positive impact on the well-being of individuals and communities.

Your voice and engagement matter to us. Reach out to Ivy Child, and let’s co-create a mindful and compassionate world together. Your journey toward well-being starts here.


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35 Beharrell St, Unit 1265
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As we reflect on our journey thus far and the growth that has yet to come, we would like to
thank the generous individual donors, foundations, and corporate sponsors who have
supported our mission for the past several years by providing operating support, funding our public guidance, and championing our mission. We are grateful for your dedication and unwavering support. Our work would not be possible without you.

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