Mindfulness Made Simple

Mindfulness Made Simple

What Mindfulness Means To Us

  • The practice of being aware, awake, alert in the present moment with ourselves and our surroundings; using breath as the anchor.
  • Often combined with meditation, breathing exercises, and mindful movement.
  • A transformative power that can be accessed at anytime, to anyone.


Why It Matters Now More Than Ever

Stress is a mounting problem worldwide. Research shows it causes many serious issues impacting the quality of daily life. When left unmanaged, individuals experience poor health, decreased performance, reactivity, negative relationships and more.


When Mindfulness and Education Unite

Leading research reveals that Mindfulness in education is proven to:

  • Boost productivity, focus, attention, and memory.
  • Improves self-regulation and emotional intelligence.
  • Increase body awareness and mental clarity.
  • Strengthen the muscles and immune system.
  • Reduce and manage stress.
  • Increase engagement, morale, and performance.
  • Bring a greater sense of unity and sustainable health practices

The effects of mindfulness, when practiced diligently, can be immediate and long-term.

Mindfulness Multiplier Effect™

At the heart of Ivy Child’s mission, we believe that when you provide any individual access to learn and practice mindfulness, it not only enhances their direct well-being, it also ripples out to benefit all of those in their outer world (peers, neighbors, family, larger community).

This is Ivy Child International’s Mindfulness Multiplier Effect ™.


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