Advancing Social Equity Fellowship at Ivy Child

The Advancing Social Equity Fellowship at Ivy Child represents our unwavering commitment to fostering inclusivity and equity within organizations and communities. Through our comprehensive Equity Training programs, we aim to catalyze meaningful and lasting change. Situated in the vibrant landscape of Massachusetts, Ivy Child has launched the Advancing Social Equity Initiative (ASEI), a transformative six-month program meticulously designed to infuse equity into the very essence of organizations.

The ASEI program is more than just training; it’s a journey towards cultural transformation. By delving deep into the fundamental principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion, participants are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to effect positive change within their respective spheres. Through a combination of workshops, discussions, and hands-on activities, the program fosters a supportive and collaborative environment where individuals can explore their own biases, challenge assumptions, and embrace perspectives different from their own.

At Ivy Child, we understand that advancing social equity is not just about checking boxes or implementing superficial initiatives; it’s about fundamentally shifting organizational culture and practices. That’s why the ASEI program goes beyond theoretical concepts to provide practical tools and frameworks that participants can implement in their day-to-day Work. By embedding equity into the fabric of organizations, we aim to enhance team capacity and well-being while fostering a culture of inclusivity, respect, and belonging.

Through the Advancing Social Equity Fellowship at Ivy Child, participants embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, growth, and advocacy. By engaging with diverse perspectives, challenging systemic barriers, and amplifying marginalized voices, fellows emerge as empowered agents of change, poised to lead their organizations and communities toward a more equitable and just future.

Why Equity Training is Essential

Equity Training dismantles barriers, enhances understanding, and cultivates a culture of inclusivity. Our sessions, including the ASEI program, address diverse systemic needs in Massachusetts and beyond.

Transforming Organizations with ASEI

Discover how ASEI and Equity Training can revolutionize your workplace, improve team dynamics, align with your mission and vision, and foster organizational values that intentionally make space for positive outcomes in services, capacity building, or public policy.

ASEI Program Details

The ASEI program involves skills development in communication, well-being, bias identification, systemic racism understanding, and change implementation. It includes a blend of Leadership learning exchanges, small group discussions, contemplative practices, case studies, and sharing of promising practices, anchored in social equity and organizational effectiveness.

Format And Participation

ASEI offers a dynamic hybrid format beginning with a two-day in-person session, followed by five monthly virtual sessions, encouraging cross-organization learning among nonprofit organization leaders in each cohort. Ivy Child provides all necessary facilitation, training materials, resources, and an action plan guide for participants.

Goals and Impact of ASEI

The Advancing Social Equity Initiative focuses on leadership development and capacity building of emerging nonprofit leaders. It aims to seed a pilot model to integrate equity into local nonprofits, catalyzing internal and external organizational changes towards advancing racial and social justice.

Population Served and Outcomes

ASEI serves nonprofit organization staff & leadership, helping in capacity building to advance equity and social justice, catalyzing strategic initiatives for community engagement, and inspiring collaborative efforts to enhance equitable well-being in the region.


ASEI is a six-month program designed to integrate equity into the core of organizations, enhancing team capacity, and well-being, and fostering sustainable positive change.

Equity Training is crucial for dismantling barriers, enhancing understanding, and cultivating an inclusive culture within organizations and communities.

ASEI can revolutionize your workplace by improving team dynamics, aligning with your mission and vision, and fostering values that support positive outcomes in services, capacity building, and braiding equity practices and policies into the fabric of the community.

The program includes skills development in communication, well-being, bias identification, systemic racism understanding, and change implementation, utilizing leadership learning exchanges, small group discussions, case studies and action planning.

ASEI begins with a two-day in-person session followed by five monthly virtual sessions, designed for nonprofit organization leaders, encouraging cross-organization learning culminating in a final in person celebration.

ASEI aims to shift power, develop leadership, and enhance the capacity of emerging nonprofits, serving as a pilot model for integrating equity into local nonprofits and catalyzing organizational changes towards racial and social justice.

ASEI serves youth and leadership of nonprofit organizations, aiming to advance equity and social justice, catalyze strategic community engagement initiatives, and promote collaborative efforts for equitable well-being in the region.

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Embark on a journey towards a more inclusive, equitable workplace with Ivy Child’s comprehensive Equity Training programs and the Advancing Social Equity Initiative. Together, we can create meaningful change and foster a culture of inclusivity and respect in Massachusetts and beyond.

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