This program combines mindfulness, movement, breathing exercises, guided meditation, partner/group work, listening exercises, and games. This program is tailored to meet the physical and socioemotional needs and interests of each age group. The program includes a variety of themes for all ages (0-99+) and are open to all age groups. It also provides access to a suite of digital resources for fostering mindfulness practices.


  • Build and strengthen community connection
  • Increase awareness to manage and mitigate stress
  • Identify purpose
  • Increase self-efficacy
  • Cultivate compassion and gratitude
  • Cultivate positive emotions and experiences.

Population Served

This program includes a variety of themes for all ages (0-99+). Through these programs, Ivy Child has served 27,000 families.


  • 94% of participants reported having benefited strongly from participation
  • Greater connection with the community
  • Increased awareness and purpose
  • Strengthened relationships in families (among children and caregivers)
  • Adoption of healthy habits
  • Increase in efficacy
  • Increase in compassion and gratitude
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