The Intergenerational Mindfulness Program Series

Ivy Child International (Ivy Child) in partnership with the Caregivers ERG & Ford Foundation’s Maisha Mindfulness Program is organizing the Intergenerational Mindfulness Program Series for Ford Foundation employees and their families. The goal is to provide families with mindfulness education to create a healthy, harmonious, productive, and innovative environment. It is also a commitment to providing employees with the tools to develop a daily practice that can be integrated into work and life.

Date : 1st July – 31st July 2021

Time : All Day

This program will will tap into Ivy Child’s Mindfulness Multiplier Effect, which is the belief that when you provide any individual access to learn and practice mindfulness, it not only enhances their direct well-being, it also ripples out to benefit all of those in their outer world (partners, family, co-workers, larger community).

This series will help support and address the unique circumstances that employees face during this time of transition. The series will combine mindful movement, breathing exercises, guided meditation, partner/group work, mindful listening exercises, and games. It will guide families to skillfully navigate seasons of life and all of its ups and downs.

Ivy Child TeamThe Intergenerational Mindfulness Program Series