Ivy Child’s Campus programs incorporate mindfulness education into the daily curriculum in schools and enhance well-being practices as trainable skills.  These skills can be applied to school-based daily activities and life such as awareness, connection, purpose and insight. This program provides students with critical tools for life: to enhance well-being, increase awareness, focus, improve academic performance, engagement, and learn to self-regulate. This program is offered throughout the school year.

This program explores mindfulness as an effective tool to help students cope and succeed as the complexities of social engagement, pressures of school/life, and distractions of technology play a significant role in their daily lives. Students will learn how practicing mindfulness can enhance their productivity, focus, and preparedness in school, the arts, athletics, relationships, and daily life. The program combines mindful activities (such as breathing exercises), guided meditation and reflection time, group/partner work, and discussions. Students will learn mindful strategies and tools to; increase self-awareness, act with awareness, observe and accept their internal experiences without judging them, relieve and manage stress and anxiety, identify helpful and positive thinking patterns, enhance focus and awareness, and improve decision-making skills.


  • Improve Students and Staff well-being
  • Increase Positive Engagement 
  • Increase Graduation Rates
  • Decrease Truancy
  • Transform School Culture

Population Served

The program is offered to Staff and Students (Preschool to 12th grade). 


  • Enhanced awareness
  • Improved impulse control 
  • Increase in positive engagement in school and life
  • Improved integration of daily health habits into school and life. 
  • 97.6% of our students reported lesser incidents of negativity (anxiety, depression, aggression) 
  • 99% they were better able to manage stress 
  • 93% make better decisions when stressed 
  • 99% indicated after the program that they would continue practicing mindfulness 
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