Ivy Child International is honored to build on our growing partnership with The Institute for Nonprofit Practice by welcoming another group of inspiring Community Fellows in 2022.

The Institute for Nonprofit Practice was founded in Boston in 2007 by Barry Dym, Ph.D. During his career as a nonprofit founder, consultant, and coach, he observed and sought to address several critical issues threatening the effectiveness of the nonprofit sector:

  • Under-investment in leadership development.
  • A succession crisis triggered by the retirement of the baby boomers.
  • The need for more diverse leadership that reflects communities served.

Ivy Child International’s Founder & CEO, Rose Felix Cratsley, will be leading ‘Best Practices in Self & Community Care‘. This training will provide students with the opportunity to learn and inform practice of self and community care, including:

  • Cultivating personal well-being, using practices for developing presence, resilience, equanimity and joy.
  • Learning trauma-informed, evidence-based tools.
  • Understanding and more skillfully working with stress and trauma in ourselves and our communities.
  • Opening and holding an equity and inclusion lens by integrating culturally responsive practices.
  • Developing a customized personal contemplative practice action plan.

January 2022

3:00-5:00 pm ET