We are heartbroken over the global trauma and tragedies impacting communities of culture in our nation and across the globe, most recently impacting India. 

The life giving source of our Breath is sacred and a human right. Yet, we have heard the cry and plea of, “I can’t breathe,” by our communities.

Breath is the foundation of human existence;  breathe is life giving. It is what we struggle for at the moment of birth and enjoy till we draw or last breathe. Yet our breath is being stolen from us due to systems of oppression that perpetuate barriers to access, equity and inclusion. The gasping nation belies the honor of all beings and denies the dignity the people of India deserve.

Together, we must do everything we can to take action to alleviate suffering and help. 

We at Ivy Child stand in our truth reinforcing and leaning into our lineage, heritage and faith traditions at this moment, where COVID 19 has taken the breath away of an entire nation.  

May we all be safe and well as we take action encouraging our loved ones to do the same, as an act of generosity and compassion towards all. 

Abundant thanks.

Ivy Child Family

Emergency Relief Fund for India

Thank you for joining forces with us in our fight against COVID-19 worldwide. We are implementing short and long-term strategies to prepare for and mitigate the social, economic, and health impacts caused by the spread of COVID-19.

YOUR support through a one-time or sustainable recurring donation will help make it happen. Within the next 3-6 months Ivy Child commits to the following, with the resources we have on hand in the short term. 

  1. Execute $100,000 to teachers and youth ambassadors in Ivy Child International’s network and mobilize them to share practice, prevention management and wellness strategies to stop the spread of COVID-19 in India.
  2. Distribute the 10000 masks and hygiene kits to our healthcare partners and families.
  3. Provide 1000, $50 micro recovery grants to vulnerable families.

To read our long-term strategy for dealing with this crisis, please click here.

100% of the funds raised will be used to support the cross-categorical response and recovery activities outlined in our long term strategy.

Ivy Child TeamEmergency Relief