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Mindfulness, Equity and Inclusion Retreat for Educators

In a world of increasing distress and disruption, what is the use of mindfulness in education?

Join us for a retreat devoted to the practice of compassion-based mindfulness for self-care and for the work of equity, inclusion for mindfulness and social justice in education. Together we’ll form a community of learning and practice, exploring ways of bringing presence and compassion for self and others into difficulties we face on personal, interpersonal and systemic levels. We’ll explore ways of creating spaces for inclusive and community-based work to address and repair harm as the need arises. Regardless of the level of previous experience, and whatever your background or heritage, we welcome and look forward to being with you for this special retreat.

This retreat is an experiential exploration of mindfulness with a special focus on social justice, equity and inclusion through a compassionate learning community. It provides practical exposure to mindfulness tools as well as an evidence-based framework for understanding its impact. It fosters a practice that is personally and professionally transformative. It is intended for those seeking to enrich and revitalize their relationship in education and systems change.

Leaders will be better equipped to:

Cultivate personal well-being and community-care, utilizing practices for developing presence, resilience, equanimity and joy.

Bridge Ivory Tower to Main Street-Translate and apply modern day academic research to the accessibility of the self-help movement on Main Street. Understand and explore a mindfulness-based pedagogical paradigm based on self-awareness, conscious communication and compassion.

Learn trauma-informed, evidence-based tools, particularly in work with vulnerable, marginalized and underserved students.

Understand and more skillfully work with stress and trauma in ourselves, our students, and communities.

Open and hold an equity and inclusion lens by integrating culturally responsive practices

Engage in ongoing commitment to improvement and data-driven decision-making.

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