Ivy Child 11th Birthday Campaign

July 2022

Celebrate Ivy Child International’s 11th Birthday and enhance mindfulness by being part of the 5 week long campaign

Support Ivy Child International to raise funds and awareness, to support underserved children and communities through mindfulness programs.


  • Sign-up to participate in the “11th Birthday Campaign,” a month-long mindfulness initiative by Ivy Child International that encourages the value and power of #intergenerational mindfulness practice. – Practice mindfulness through our 5 week long program.– Commit to taking a small action step each day towards working toward a more just world. Donate or Fundraise to support a child in need and bring mindfulness education to more communities.

Each week during this month-long family & community mindfulness challenge, Ivy Child will email you mindful resources to help you and your loved ones build practices for contemplative introspection to fuel a calm, focused, action oriented response toward social justice.

How can you Participate ?

Practice mindfulness with a child or loved one in your life or one in need for the month of July and beyond through our 5 week long program. Subscribe to our campaign below and we will send you weekly resources for your mindful journey.

Help us by donating, to support underserved schools and communities through mindfulness programs during these challenging times.

Become a fundraiser for “Breathe Together Breathe for Justice” and help us reach our target by creating or joining a team.

Why Should You Join

Emotional Regulation

Mindfulness has been shown to promote stronger focus, memory, and problem solving, functions that are impacted negatively by stressful and traumatic conditions. Regular mindfulness practice improves the brain’s capacity for decision making and emotional regulation.


Mindfulness cultivates agility and flexibility in attention, allowing us to more easily tune in to pleasant experiences that are always present even during a pandemic: spring blossoms, blue skies, laughter and love. Similar to skiing or mountain biking, when facing life’s uncertainties, it’s helpful to focus on where we want to go rather than ruminating on the potential dangers.

Genetic & Immunity

Not only do we see improvements in general health, but research has confirmed that mindfulness improves telomerase activity. This vital enzyme controls cellular aging and ultimately the age-related decline of the entire body.

Does this mean mindfulness keeps us young? Possibly.

Mindful Resources

The entire campaign period is dedicated to mindful living and the aim is to achieve a mindful World.

5 weeks and 5 mindful themes to make the world a mindful and better place.

Week 1: Mindfulness for beginners
Week 2: Best Time to Meditate
Week 3: Empowering Affirmations to Practice Through the Day
Week 4: The Pyramid To Mastery
Week 5: Benefits of Mindfulness & Why Should You Practice?

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