Mindfulness in Education

The Healing Retreat for People of Color (HRPOC) has been created to provide ancient healing practices that support the lives of people of color, during the many challenges we are all facing. Injustice, which is often a daily occurrence, serves to compromise the health and wellbeing of many people of color. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted these pre-existing issues and increased the vulnerability of already at-risk populations.

The challenges facing the body, mind, and spirit of people of color in the USA is vast and often includes challenges that disproportionately impact physical and mental health, socio-economic status, employment and much more. Because of our work in the healing field of yoga and mindfulness, respectively, we have been witness to the positive impact that holistic practices, such as yoga, mindfulness, and meditation, can have on the lives of people of color through the multiple programs we have run across the country over the past decade. These practices are also survival tools which can lead one to thriving. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is disproportionately affecting people of color, with higher levels of illness and death. We have all been challenged in our efforts to become part of a culture and society that does not treat us as equals. We are often plagued by racial injustices including inadequate medical care, socio-economic disparity, along with issues that impact housing, food, and education. Mass incarceration and violent deaths have devastated many of our families and communities. These conditions undermine the body, mind, and spirit and result in increased bio-psycho-social illnesses within us.


The Healing Retreat for People of Color has been developed to provide holistic, metaphysical practices and lifestyle tools to reduce the negative impact of the unique challenges that all people of color face. This retreat will teach that the ancient practices of yoga, meditation, breathwork and mindfulness are invaluable as contemporary life support tools. The inherent substance, meaning viability and sturdiness that lies within these practices are essential and necessary for health and wellbeing for People of Color and other highly impacted groups.


  • Invite people of color to a safe space of respite and renewal
  • Teach ancient metaphysical practices created to heal body, mind and spirit 
  • Reinforce the practices for those who are familiar with them
  • Create community among participants


Maya Breuer

Rose Cratsley


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