Life Insurance

Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance that you no longer need can be an easy way for you to provide generous support to Ivy Child International.

A gift of life insurance could be right for you if:

  • Your life insurance policy is paid up or has substantial cash value.
  • You have no loan outstanding against the policy.
  • Your family is well-provided for by other means.
  • You would like to make a generous gift to Ivy Child.

How It Works

Option 1:  You give your policy to Ivy Child.

As the policy owner, Ivy Child will either cash in your policy and use the proceeds, or maintain the policy until it ends and then receive its face amount. Your benefits will include:

  • An immediate income tax charitable deduction for the value of your policy.
  • No change in your cash flow.
  • The satisfaction of making a generous gift to Ivy Child.

Option 2:  You designate Ivy Child International  as a beneficiary of your policy.

When your policy ends, Ivy Child will receive some or all of your policy’s death benefit, as you have designated. Your benefits will include:

  • The death benefit of your policy will not be included in your estate, which may save estate tax if your estate exceeds the applicable exemption amount.
  • No change in your cash flow.
  • The satisfaction of making a generous gift to Ivy Child.

This option offers the additional benefit that you can change your mind about your gift at any time should circumstances in your life change.

How Your Gift Helps

Your gifts to Ivy Child International help to foster Ivy Child’s diverse and intimate community devoted to inspiring lives of peace, learning, leadership, and service. It will provide Ivy Child International with the resources to…


Foster inclusion and inspire children to understand their strengths and capabilities.

Help children value service as an essential element of a life well lived.

Develop caregivers and providers to excel at attaining optimal levels of wellbeing, with a heightened self-awareness of their abilities, skills and impact in multiple areas.

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