The Art of Mindful Communication

Heard about, “communication is key” many times before? It’s true, isn’t it? It really is key to both interpersonal relationships and work life but practicing mindful communication can be a challenge. It requires us to slow down, be thoughtful, and learn to listen more — certainly not an easy thing to do.

In this session, not only will you learn how to apply mindful communication, you will also unravel your ability to think before you speak, make you aware of your intention and expectations that may or may not be met.

Benefit from the art of Mindful Communication this August and join Ivy Child International

Date : 11th August 2021

2:00 pm to 2:30 pm ET

About Strive

STRIVE was founded to tackle the chronic unemployment in New York City. STRIVE helps a population seeking a better life acquire the skills and attitudes they need to find sustained employment. Its groundbreaking approach of intensive attitudinal training and long-term support proved to be an extraordinarily successful model for helping people stuck in poverty gain sustained employment and transform their lives.
Over the following decades, Strive has honed a unique workforce model and matured as an organization, scaling up through its flagship site in East Harlem and through partner organizations and cities across the nation. Since its inception, STRIVE has prepared more than 80,000 people for success at work and in life, gaining national recognition for its programs and an exceptional job placement rate of 70%.
Ivy Child TeamThe Art of Mindful Communication