“The Revolution of love, health and well being begins with Self”- Maya Breuer. The Healing Retreat for People of Color (HRPOC) was created to promote and share ancient healing practices to support the lives of people of color, during the many challenges we face.The HRPOC will be offered every first Sunday of the months starting from January 3, 2020 from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm (EST). This half-day retreat will include essential tools to support and enhance one’s life.The COVID-19 pandemic is disproportionately affecting people of color, with higher levels of illness and death. We have all been challenged in our efforts to become part of a culture and society that does not treat us as equals. Racial injustices, including inadequate medical care, socio-economic disparities, and issues that impact housing, food, and education, mass incarceration and violent deaths have devastated many of our families and communities. These conditions undermine the body, mind, and spirit and often resulting in increased bio-psycho-social illnesses. Maya Breuer and Rose Cratsley have partnered to create a free half-day virtual retreat, the Healing Retreat for People of Color. Their work in the fields of Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation and Ayurveda. have allowed them to witness the positive impact these ancient and holistic practices can have on the lives of people of color. These practices, and other survival tools, will be offered at our retreat.

A selected group of skilled and committed yogis and practitioners, from diverse cultures, bring their experience to the retreat for a day that will be filled with spirit, relaxation, and joy.
The Healing Retreat for People of Color is the start of a Revolution of Love, Health and Wellbeing!

The Healing Retreat for People of Color is a gift; it is free and open to all.
Donations are welcome.


12:00pm – 12:15pm EST

Welcome and Opening Circle – Rose Cratsley and Maya Breuer


12:15pm – 1:15pm EST

Session 1Yirser Ra Hotep – Kemetic Yoga For Healing


1:15pm – 2:15pm EST

Session 2Rose Felix Cratsley – Building Hope through Mindfulness and Action


2:15pm – 2:30pm EST

Interim SpiritAnne Michiko Tangi (An Urban Yoga Ambassador) – Sound and Breath Meditation


2:30pm – 2:45pm EST – BREAK


2:45pm – 3:45pm EST

Session 3Jacoby Ballard – Forgiveness as a Path to Liberation


3:45pm – 4:00pm EST

Closing and Gratitude – Rose Cratsley and Maya Breuer

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