Stop Asian Hate Response


Our Beloved Community, 

The tragic events impacting Asians across the country and most recently in Atlanta compels us to urge our community to act now to take a stand against these horrific hate crimes. We ask for collaboration and care in addressing racism, violent acts, and inequities our communities face which are persistent realities. The increase in these Asian hate crimes have been catastrophic. In solidarity, the violence, bullying, and all forms of hatred must cease.

Ensuring safety and security for all is consistent with our values. Ivy Child devotes all of its efforts to building equity for all and honoring the inherent dignity of all people. We must rise up and take a stand to hold systems that perpetuate racism and structural oppression accountable. 

As an Asian woman leader, my commitment is personal. We stand in solidarity with our Asian Community and ask our community partners to do the same.

Rose Felix Cratsley, Founder & CEO, Ivy Child International


In our efforts towards building a voice and multi-racial solidarity, we share the following:


Ivy ChildStop Asian Hate Response

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